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Dec 3 '13

YOOOO Another interview with Horii and Okunari now about 3D SONIC THE HEDGEHOG:

Favorite parts:

- To figure out how to implement Spin Dashing in Sonic 1, they got the original source code from Sonic Jam. But they couldn’t see where the code was, so they asked Takashi Iizuka, current producer of Sonic at Sega, if they could contact the original development team members and ask them how they did it. Turned out it was Yuji Naka himself who programmed it in, so they emailed him over at Prope and he gave them some hot protips on how to implement it.

- Also, instead of just making a hack of Sonic to make it 3d, M2 decided to make a fictional improved Mega Drive architecture that they could theoretically make more roms for and just pop in and it’d work like a regular console. HENCEFORTH DUBBED THE GIGA DRIVE


GigaDrive (aka Super MegaDrive) Specs, Draft v1.0.

In a fictional version of the early 1990s where 3D TVs have proliferated, M2 has finalized the specs for an imaginary 3D TV-compatible SEGA game console, the GigaDrive. The 3D MegaDrive, which will subsequently be released by SEGA, will conform to these imaginary hardware specs. While highly unlikely to ever see the light of day, in the off chance that it does, M2 has taken careful consideration to ensure backwards compatibility with MegaDrive cartridges. In this era, once 3D MegaDrive titles popped up, a fair selection of games were released for the GigaDrive.

Hey you!! Why not give SEGA’s new imaginary console a test drive with 3D Sonic?

* Please note the specs below are in draft form. There will be changes in subsequent revisions.

■ The GigaDrive supports backward compatibility with MegaDrive games (Unmodified MDROMs will run normally without modification)

・Expanded VDP register for controlling expanded functionality included

・Expanded VRAM included

・Four extra background layers included

・Z-values can be set for each extra background or raster line

・Every sprite has a Z-value setting.

・VDP and Expanded VDP registers are memory-mapped and accessible

・VRAM and Expanded VRAM are memory-mapped and accessible


* Memory Map


* $c00000 r/w VDP DATA

* $c00002 r/w VDP DATA

* $c00004 r/w VDP STATUS(read)/CTRL(write)

* $c00006 r/w VDP STATUS(read)/CTRL(write)

* $c00100-$c0012f -/w VDP REGS(write only)

* $c00130-$c0015f -/w EXT VDP REGS(write only)

* $c00200-$c0024f r/w VSRAM

* $c00300-$c0030f r/w DIPSW

* $d00000-$d0ffff r/w 64KB VRAM

* $d10000-$d1ffff r/w 64KB EXT VRAM

――Detailed I/O Map spec omitted――



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